I've been so busy recently that I've not had time to update any blogs! Work has really ramped up recently (as expected) and I've started doing circuit training a couple of times a week during the day, so free time is at a premium. I do feel much better for the exercise though, even though I have been very achy recently. I couldn't even straighten my arm after the first two sessions, I was walking around like C-3PO! I'm hoping to shift a little weight and just get generally fitter/stronger, both to aid my cycling and just to generally feel better. I've hit a little problem this week though, I pulled a hamstring on Friday trying to race Nicky home from school! It's been threatening to go for weeks so hopefully it will heal back stronger and I can get on with things.

The Manics at the Roundhouse was great. Anna and I went for a quick Wagamama's beforehand which was actually the perfect pre-gig meal because we didn't feel too bloated afterwards. The support acts were Deptford Northern Soul Club (who basically just played Northern Soul records) and Sleaford Mods. I actually quite liked Sleaford Mods and will definitely check out some of their albums when I have a chance.


The Manics had just won the Q Inspiration award which is why they were playing this particular set. They had a screen behind showing a line or two from each song (I took a photo of each one which can be see on my Flickr page). There was nothing new, it was mainly the hits (although A Song For Departure got an outing, it's probably my favourite song from Lifeblood) but it was great to be at a gig where people actually knew the songs! The acoustic version of Faster was great as the crowd were singing the response lines very enthusiastically!

The week after that I took Nicky to the velodrome for the London Six Day. The racing was great as always and it was awesome to see Cav win the points race. Nicky and I even got on the dance cam on the big screens :-)

Not long until Christmas now. I guess I should start doing some shopping, although Anna has bought most of the kids' presents already! I have bought a few of them myself to be fair, I'm not leaving it all to her!

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