Horrible Histories

I've not been too well recently - Kitty was sick last Saturday but had fully recovered by the Sunday. I then got the same bug last Wednesday and am still not feeling quite right over a week later. I spent all of that Wednesday in bed feeling terrible. Needless to say, my training for RideLondon has not been going too well! I was able to manage the gym on Tuesday but must have pulled something in my leg because I woke up yesterday with a bit of pain in my hamstring. It's not too bad but just annoying when I know I need to get back on the bike for some long rides. On the plus side, at least the sun has come out again, hopefully this is the actual start of spring!

On Sunday we went to the Museum of London to see a performance of Horrible Histories. I must admit that prior to last week I hadn't heard of the museum but I saw that they were offering two free performances of Horrible Histories to celebrate their new 'Fatberg' exhibit. Luckily I was able to get tickets - we didn't tell the kids where we were going so it was a nice surprise for them!

The show itself was very good and the kids enjoyed themselves. They might even have learned something - we all now know who started naming towns "-by", -"borough" and "-ester" because of the song!

The museum itself is pretty good and the kids enjoyed looking around the exhibits. The Fatberg exhibit was slightly underwhelming I thought - it was hyped up as being this 130-tonne monstrosity but in the museum they only have a couple of small lumps of it. I liked the London 2012 torch section. Rory thought it was awesome but currently he thinks everything is awesome!

I'm off to Nottingham tomorrow for a friend's stag do and am slightly panicky about what I need to pack. We're going white water rafting tomorrow night, thankfully the weather has warmed up a bit!

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