Center Parcs

We had a great weekend at Center Parcs - it was probably the most successful holiday we've had as a family so far.

We got to Elveden Forest at 3pm on the Friday ready to check in, there was a small queue but it didn't take too long to get our entry bracelets (keys are so last century). Once we had unpacked everything and taken the car back we were ready to explore the pool. It's fair to say that the kids thought it was amazing! We spent a lot of time in the wave pool, going down slides and getting splashed in Adventure Cove. We then went back to the lodge and had a quiet evening, although the kids were excited about seeing the various wildlife at the patio doors!

On Saturday morning we took part in the Treasure Trail activity, which required cycling across site to find various clues. Rory was on his scooter and soon got tired, which meant I was giving him a backie for most of the event which was not very comfortable for my knees!

We ended up doing the clues out of order but managed to solve the riddle and get to the final checkpoint. We ended up finishing 4th by a matter of seconds!

Later that day we played crazy golf and then had a go on the street karts, then headed back to the pool. I'd been worried that the pool would be too busy but it was always reasonable (although we only went after 4pm each day which may have helped).

Sunday morning was an early start as Rory and Olly were doing the mini jet-skis. I've never seen either of them look so happy with themselves, they thoroughly enjoyed "running over" the member of staff running it!

Later that afternoon Nicky and I did The Drop which was fun but sadly curtailed by the rain - it was too wet to do the big 10m drop unfortunately but it meant we got some money back and got to do the zip wire, leap of faith and quick jump again. Anna and Kitty had a go at the archery too, then we had one final session in the pool. We discovered that Nicky and Kitty were fine to go in the rapids so we had several turns going down them which was great!

We all really enjoyed the holiday and the kids are very eager to go again - Mum paid for this trip but I guess we'd better start saving for next time!

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