RideLondon and the Isle of Wight

The last few weeks have been very hectic - it's no coincidence that the kids are also off school for the summer!

After weeks of blazing hot sun it was inevitable that RideLondon was going to be wet and windy. I got around in 6 hours 22 minutes but I think if it hadn't been raining I would have beaten 6 hours. I wrote a bit more about my efforts on my cycling site.

Our holiday to the Isle of Wight was good, although fairly similar to previous years. The one major change was that we were staying in a static caravan rather than a tourer (Anna's parents came with us and also stayed in a static) so the journey to and from the Isle of Wight was much less stressful.

The kids are starting to get a bit too old for Blackgang Chine now, although as they've been 4 years in a row maybe it's just not that exciting any more. Robin Hill was still good, we've only done that 2 years so maybe it was more interesting for them. We only had a couple of days on the beach as the last few days were a bit wet (we got thoroughly soaked at Monkey Haven) but it was fun to swim and kayak and float in a rubber flamingo!

I took my bike this year but only managed one ride of around 50km. The roads are rolling and were very quiet first thing in the morning, I think I only saw 10 cars in the first 25km!

Now that I've completed RideLondon I need a new target, and I'm tempted to a 10k run at the start of October. I've got about six weeks to get into shape, I'm going to see how the first two weeks go before actually signing up. I managed 5k runs on both Friday and today, which were the furthest I've managed since cross country at school! I was a little sore after Friday's run but things seem OK so far today.

We're away again this weekend with the caravan, it's the last weekend of the school holidays and we haven't actually used the caravan this year so we thought we may as well go somewhere local.

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