A crap month

The trouble with not posting for ages is that I forget what has happened since my last update. However, having looked back at my tweets in the time period, it's probably for the best that I forgot.

I've been ill twice since my last post, but I was well for a relatively short period in between so it feels like I've been ill for ages. The second cold was particularly nasty and I still have a horrible cough which won't quite go away.

We eventually managed to get campervan tickets for Glastonbury, again despite the best efforts of the Seetickets webserver. After multiple attempts and purchases we finally have two separate tickets for the quiet East field for ourselves and a friend. Now we just need to get the caravan ready!

I had someone being racist towards me in the high street last month. It's been a long time since this last happened and I was more shocked than anything, I was just standing there talking to someone when the idiot tapped me on the shoulder and started pretending to be Chinese. I hadn't planned to do anything about it but was advised by several people to report it to the police, unfortunately they couldn't do anything due to a lack of evidence but it was nice to be taken seriously. It's times like this that I'm glad the kids don't really look Chinese.

I had some fun and games dealing with Go Outdoors. I went into one of their stores and paid for a mountain bike, which I was assured would be delivered to store so they could assemble it for me to pick up. A few days later I received an email (not even a phone call or text) to tell me that the product was out of stock and that I had to return to the store to process the refund. It seems ridiculous that the store can't determine if an item is in stock before taking a customer's money, especially when it is several hundred pounds worth. There then followed communications between myself and their customer services which led to me being accused of lying in the store, but this has now been resolved. It really puts me off going back there again though. In the end I bought a Scott mountain bike online, which I wrote about on my cycling blog.

We went to see Idles at Alexandra Palace a couple of weeks ago. Anna is a massive fan, myself not so much but I've liked what I've heard. I was ill in the lead-up and was worried I wouldn't have the energy to survive the set. In the end I managed 70 minutes in the mosh pit and was absolutely drenched afterwards! Other than Rage Against the Machine at Reading 2008 it was best mosh pit I've been in. The band were on great form, I especially liked Danny Nedelko.

The less said about the election, the better. At least I will never have to hear "oh, Jeremy Corbyn" again, it has always irritated me that there aren't enough syllables for it to scan properly. Hoping that the Labour Party choose someone a bit more electable this time, although at least this time around I will get a say!

We took the kids to Audley End last Friday for their Enchanted Audley End Christmas event. There were a lot of pretty lights and it felt a lot more civilised than previous Christmas things we've done. The kids enjoyed the rides and toasting marshmallows.

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