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Sleep sleep sleep

Like a lot of my blog entries, this one will be about not having enough sleep! I think Nicky is getting a little clingy before child3 arrives, and Kitty is teething, so with all of that our nights have been disturbed for at least the last couple of weeks.

Less than two weeks to go before child3 theoretically makes an appearance, and I can say that so far it is not worrying me, mainly because I haven't had time to stop and really think/worry/panic about it! We have mostly everything we need now, mainly due to stockpiling it from the first two, just some shower curtains and bits needed really. Everything is set for a home birth!

We went to Kiddicare at Lakeside at the weekend to get a new baby car seat (the last one was no longer safe to use) and it was such a hellish experience. The place is so big and so in your face - if you had no experience of babies you could spend an absolute fortune in there because you'd be convinced you needed all of it. There was over an hour queue to…


I don't seem to have stopped this year! Could really do with some extended time off, but it's not going to happen anytime soon, especially not with child3's arrival imminent!

Christmas was good, although a bit manic - I think the kids enjoyed opening their mountains of presents! Anna seemed to like hers too which is good. We all ate far too much but I don't think I've put any weight on - cycling is good for burning calories!

It's hard to think of much to write because it's just been so relentless with work and other things. I have managed a few bike rides this year, I know I should really have started base training rather than chasing segments on Strava but I know I'm not going to get much chance to go out once child3 arrives so seems a bit daft to base train and then have a gap which would leave me where I started anyway. I have four outright KOMs now, plus another where I've equaled the fastest time but I don't get a little crown as I wasn'…