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Yesterday was one of those days. We'd been planning to do a morning boot sale and had loaded the car up the night before, ready to go first thing, but by the time we got there it was already rammed and they wouldn't take any more sellers. So back home we went, very frustrated! We decided to take advantage of the sun and go for a walk around Hadleigh Castle, but Kitty was in one of those moods which meant we weren't going to get very far, so back home again! I took Nicky to the dump in the afternoon to clear out some stuff, but clearly everyone else had had the same idea as there was a massive stationary queue of cars waiting. I went to the other one which had a slightly shorter queue, but we were still out for over an hour for what should have been a five minute job!The sun was lovely yesterday, but I didn't have time for a bike ride - still waiting for my first ride in shorts this year! Also looking forward to going out on the Ribble, if I can fix it. I've spent a…


Yet another morning where I'm up for the day before 5, thanks to Rory. Absolutely fed up with it now. We did an indoor boot sale yesterday, which unfortunately coincided with the warmest day of the year - typical! So we didn't sell a great deal, we have mountains of baby stuff to clear out. If the good weather holds we'll try an outdoor one next week. On the other hand, the warm weather meant I went out for a ride yesterday wearing mitts rather than gloves, and no overshoes or jacket - if I'd gone out a bit later I could have worn shorts it was so nice! It's so much nicer riding in the sun, hopefully there's more nice weather to come. I've bought myself a new tablet to aid with some development work I'm doing, it's an LG G Pad 8.3 which is what I'm  currently writing this on. It's so much lighter than the Xoom and has a much better screen. It was a choice between this and the Nexus 7, I'm glad I went for this one though, the lack of KitK…