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Two days until holiday

It's been a while since my last entry, the usual excuses apply, but things seem to have been even more frantic than usual with work, illnesses, etc. Thankfully though I appear to be slowly getting on top of things work-wise, and my hamstring appears to be fine now - I've not risked it with squash, but it feels fine walking and cycling. I'm still worried about my first sportive of the year which is in two and a bit weeks - I managed 50 miles yesterday but was struggling towards the end, I know I can manage 100 miles but I may not meet my target (6 hours). Given my less-than-perfect preparation, I think I'll have to be happy with under 6 and a half hours, but I might be able to manage 6 hours depending on the conditions on the day.

Anyway, more importantly we're off on holiday on Friday! We're taking the caravan down to Somerset, where we're going to chill out, play on the beach, etc. We'll also be taking in Longleat again, catching up with relatives and …

Hamstring pain

Last week was really hectic, with work being quite stressful and the usual lack of sleep. This was exacerbated by me pulling a hamstring whilst playing squash on Wednesday. I couldn't walk properly afterwards, I had to limp to reception to get an ice pack, no thanks to my sympathetic friends(!) After four days I can walk slowly, but there's still a bit of pain. I assumed I'd be off the bike for a long time, but it turns out cycling is actually recommended as part of the recovery, so hopefully by Wednesday I'll be up to a quick spin.The good news from last week is that we got Glastonbury tickets in the resale! I went into it assuming I wouldn't get tickets and that the servers would crash and burn as per usual, so that I wouldn't be too disappointed, but I actually got a booking form up three minutes into the sale and a couple of minutes later had completed it! So now we can get excited and plan who we'll see - I'd like to see the Manics, Pixies, Dolly P…