I haven't written much recently, I always seem to have an excuse but mostly it's down to laziness. Following up on my last entry, somehow the car actually passed the MOT! I was convinced it was going to fail on emissions as it's a dirty diesel, but somehow the clouds of smoke coming out were considered pass-worthy. Regardless of this, it's still been an expensive month for the car as it had been making a blowing noise when the turbo was supposed to engage - it's had a new turbo intercooler and pipe fitted. This has solved the blowing noise and reduced the amount of exhaust smoke, but the car still needs replacing. This is my main worry at the moment, here are the criteria that need to be satisfied:
  • It needs to fit three child car seats across the back (or worst case, two child car seats and a booster seat. Whilst it's no longer possible to buy a booster seat, my parents-in-law have one that Nicky may be able to potentially use).
  • It needs to be able to tow a caravan of over 1000kg (but more than this really as that doesn't take into account luggage).
  • It needs to be a petrol engine. I don't use the car enough to get a diesel, most of my journeys are short (ferrying kids about) rather than long drives so the DPF will get clogged.
  • It needs to cost less than £10,000.
I've been looking at Skoda Superb estates but there are very few petrol versions of these around. A non-estate version may be possible. Thankfully, my father-in-law is much more au fait with cars than I am so he's happy to look around!

I was very lucky and managed to get Glastonbury tickets! I had nine devices on various VPNs and 4G networks all trying to connect, eventually we got through using the oldest device (my mum's old iPad 2) on a vanilla WiFi network. So that gives us something to look forward to next year.

I took Nicky to see Southend United vs Oxford United last week which was a terrible game, it was wet and windy and the rain was being blown under the roof onto us. Oxford had no interest in playing football and the referee was the worst I have ever seen. So needless to say we're going again on Saturday! Although that is because it's Junior Blues day so members get free entry. Next week is going to be busy because Nicky is going be watching the first team training (another Junior Blue perk) and the two of us are also going to watch the Six Day racing at the Lee Valley Velodrome.

I've done a couple of sessions of capoeira and am enjoying it so far. Nicky has been doing it for nearly three years and it is going to be a long time before I am as proficient as he is, but I've discovered that I can do a cartwheel and almost do a handstand. It's also much more tiring than doing circuit training, I thought I was getting fit but obviously this requires a different type of fitness!

I haven't done much cycling recently, I've been really busy with work and my calf muscles keep going. I'm determined to be able to run but the trouble is I keep pulling calf muscles if I try too much. I have to strengthen them slowly I guess but it's just so frustrating as I can easily run 5k without too much effort. Once my calves have healed I'm hoping to have gait analysis and buy some decent running shoes to replace my £15 Lidl ones.

It was mine and Anna's twelfth wedding anniversary yesterday. It seems like a long time but at the same time it doesn't feel like it has been that long. We didn't do much to celebrate (we had to take kids to various birthday parties during the day) but had a takeaway last night.

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A father of three and husband of one. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active (especially cycling, running and capoeira) and playing video games. I also enjoy reading and watching films.

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