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Glastonbury 2011

I guess I'm getting old, as I'm still aching post-Glasto, I'm sure it never used to take me this long to recover!

We travelled down on Tuesday evening, arriving on site early on Wednesday morning at around 2.30am, and were able to drive straight into the campervan field with no queuing. The site was all lit up and looked pretty cool.

We woke early, and thankfully I managed to put the awning up in between heavy rain showers. I'd also been down to have a look at the queue to get into the site which was looooong. We decided to wait a little while before joining. Even so, it still took us an hour to move what would take 5-10 minutes walking normally, mostly while it was raining.

We finally got in however, to find things already quite muddy underfoot. Within a few minutes Nicky had already fallen out of the wagon into the mud (my fault, as I'd stopped suddenly without noticing he was looking out of the front of the wagon).

The wagon really wasn't very good in the mu…

Goodbye old caravan

I went down to the caravan storage place yesterday to sort out having the old caravan taken away, and to load up the new one with things for Glastonbury. It's weird to feel sentimental about something we only used once. Hopefully that is now the end of it, I've received the cheques from the insurance company (paid up in full which is nice).

Heading off to Glastonbury this evening, so once I've finished work I can begin to panic about last-minute packing! Also need to print off directions, sort out music for the car etc. I think most things are packed and ready (I've already been down to the caravan a few times with things) but I always feel like there's something I'm forgetting.

The weather forecast doesn't look too great, but then again it doesn't look as bad as it did in the flood years so we should be OK. I'm just crossing my fingers now that Pulp will indeed be one of the special guests - overall there really isn't anyone I'm that excite…

Clacton (again)

Last weekend we went to Clacton again, to test out caravan 2. We went to a different holiday park this time, the Haven, which seemed much better than the Park resort we went to before, albeit with a lot more merchandising aimed at kids. Thankfully Nicky isn't really aware of too much of it yet, but it won't be long before he's asking us to buy him things.

Apart from the rain it was a nice weekend, I finally convinced Nicky that he can do more in a swimming pool than just running around with the water up to his waist, and I even got him lying down and kicking his legs, so hopefully we'll get him learning to swim soon. He also loved Rory the Tiger and assorted friends.

The caravan seems to be working well, just needed a couple of lights replaced in preparation for the journey down to Glastonbury next Tuesday evening. The awning is really handy and will give us a lot more space, making it a lot easier if it's muddy (which it won't be, fingers crossed!)


I feel like I've been unwell for weeks. I've not had a full blown cold as such, but for the past week I've been feeling occasionally lightheaded a bit bloaty, with the odd dizzy spell thrown in for good measure. I'm not sure if this is down to tiredness, or stress, or illness, or some combination of all three. I can't remember the last time I actually sat down for a short while without having anything to worry about. What I really want to do is write to my Grandad, but I've just not had the time to sit down and think about what I'd like to say.

Things seem a bit more positive on the caravan side of things - we're hopefully picking the new one up this evening, and taking it to Clacton for the weekend just to make sure everything works as expected before taking it to Glastonbury in a couple of weeks. I've also had a call from the engineer at the insurance company to confirm that they'll pay us the full amount that we paid for it two months ago, wh…

Airshow and a wedding

The bank holiday weekend was pretty hectic, although was mostly enjoyable. I decided not to stress about the caravan until Tuesday because there was nothing I could do about it until then anyway.

We went to the Southend Airshow on Saturday and Sunday, as we thought Nicky would enjoy it a bit more than last year when he fell asleep for most of it. This year was a little more successful, he was riveted by the helicopters but with the planes he'd only look at them for a short while before getting distracted. He loved the Red Arrows though, and now wants to be one!

On Monday we went to Jenny and Jimmy's wedding, which turned out to be a really lovely day. The venue (Friern Manor at Dunton) was really nice, and they both looked very happy. Nicky made a lot of friends, especially when the dancing started and we could unleash him onto the dancefloor - I don't know where he gets it from, but he loves dancing!

Yesterday was back to reality and having to deal with the caravan. Accor…