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Another penalty shoot-out, another loss, typical England. Although we did well to even make it to the quarter finals, the match against Italy was dire. In typical Hodgson style we set out to defend and not much else, it was reminiscent of watching Liverpool under Hodgson. He'll have his excuses and will ask for more time but it won't get any better.

Anyway, the Tour de France will start at the weekend so who cares about football? Speaking of cycling, I've broken the 500 mile mark now, and last week did a 30 mile ride and a 20 mile ride. Both times I went slightly hillier routes which were much harder, but something I need to work on - on flat sections my Strava times are respectable but on hills they're pretty poor.

Not much else I can think of to write about at the moment...

Struggling to think of a synonym for tired that I've not previously used

We've just had a terrible, sleep-deprived weekend. For one reason or another, I didn't sleep well from Wednesday through to Sunday, and as a result I've spent the weekend as a bit of a zombie, and the same goes for Anna as well. Kitty is teething (her lower canines are coming through) which explains her lack of sleep, as for Nicky, well, he's just carrying on being Nicky, although to be fair he was being disturbed by Kitty too.

For Father's Day I got two lovely handmade cards, two bars of Green & Blacks and a big Toblerone, mmmm. They won't last long in my greedy hands!

Haven't really been up to much recently. I didn't even have the energy to go out on the bike yesterday despite it being the best weather we've had for a while. I'm up to 442 miles now, still waiting for an opportunity to break the 30 mile barrier but I've been really busy with work recently so it will have to wait.

I've watched some of the football, but haven't be…

Rhod Gilbert at the Cliffs Pavilion

Last night Anna and I went to see Rhod Gilbert - The Man With The Flaming Battenburg Tattoo. Expectations were high after seeing The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst, and we were hoping that it'd be better than when we saw Dave Gorman and Paul Merton at the same venue. Thankfully, it was.

As expected, Rhod was his usual angry self, despite claims to have mellowed out a bit following anger management (which is what the show is mostly about). The show started with Rhod's glamorous introduction to Essex by a man in a dressing gown, and there were memorable rants about potato packaging in Tesco, advertising in toilets (and what constitutes the back of a door), expensive toothbrushes and inept builders. Unfortunately, due to the bit at the beginning about the man in the dressing gown, the show overran a bit and it didn't finish until 11.10, by which time we were pretty shattered! The bit about the travelling chef also went on a little bit too long, but overall I really e…


Turns out the weather forecasters weren't joking about it being windy outside - I cycled 8 miles this morning but it felt more like 20! Normally I would have given it a miss but I haven't been out on the bike since Saturday due to punctures and other commitments so needed to get out, even if it was only for a short while.

So, the long weekend did feel rather long in the end, what with watching the boats on the Thames (on TV, that is - not mad enough to drag two kids to go and stand by the river in the rain!), a street party on Tuesday (interrupted by the rain, naturally), and most importantly as far as Nicky was concerned, going to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Colne Valley Railway on Monday. We were lucky as far as the weather went, with just the one shower, and the kids enjoyed it. We got to ride on Thomas:

We also got to ride on Daisy:

We also got treated to a story re-enactment, where naughty Mavis the Diesel knocked over some cans because she wasn't listening, and Tho…