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I would ride 1000 miles

I finally broke the 1000 mile barrier on my bike - as the widget on the left shows (hopefully), according to Endomondo I've done 1005 miles since the end of March. I thought this would be an impossible target given that for the first few weeks I could only manage 1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles at a time! Strava thinks I've only done 983 miles though, I'm not sure why there's such a big discrepancy! Hopefully the weather will clear up and I can beat the target on Strava too (any excuse for a ride is good for me!)

The kids seem to have picked up another bug, so the last couple of nights have led to disturbed sleep followed by clearing up vomit shortly after waking up. Not particularly pleasant!

We went to a christening on Sunday for a friend's daughter. I had been dreading it due to my previous experience in a church, but it was far more bearable than I'd anticipated and the kids were very well behaved. In stark contrast to the previous time, this service seemed to be …

Post-holiday blues

Surprisingly it's Nicky that seems to be complaining the most about coming home from holiday - he obviously had a really good time to still be complaining about it! Unfortunately it's meant some silly behaviour, not sure if it's down to coming back from holiday or just the usual threenage tantrum.

It feels like it's been a long week since I last updated here. Saturday night especially was bad as Kitty was up for a lot of the night, which also disturbed Nicky, which meant yesterday was quite stressful - not had a night that bad in a long time, although it was a reminder of just how bad nights used to be when Nicky was younger - every night used to be like that!

I seem to still be shrinking so bought some more new clothes yesterday - I'm now wearing jeans with a 32" waist which I haven't done since before I went to univeristy! I'm also just about on the border between an S or an M, but S is too small so sticking with M. I'm still very happy with this…

South coast holiday

We've spent the last week on holiday on the south coast. We stayed at a great campsite called Chestnut Meadow, which I can highly recommend - the site has 10/10 reviews on ukcampsite which are completely warranted. The site is arranged so that the tents and caravans circle a central field, so we could kick the kids out of the awning and could keep an eye on them in the middle. It's definitely the best campsite we've been to since we had the caravan.

We couldn't have picked a better week, weather-wise, it was over 20C every day and all of us have a tan now. We went to the beach at Eastbourne and Hastings, where we buried Nicky :-)

The big day out was to Drusillas Zoo Park, where of course the number one attraction as far as Nicky was concerned was Thomas the Tank Engine. We rode on him three times! Apart from that though the whole site is great, the first area is a zoo, then afterwards are several play areas including an indoor soft play, then there is an adventure maze…


Today was the day for the Bikeathon. I was surprisingly nervous before setting off, I don't really know why. It was a bit busier than I'd expected, I think there were at least 500 riders (I saw race numbers in the 500s anyway). It all started at 9.30 with small groups going at a time to prevent congestion.

I knew it wasn't a race but I still wanted to do it as quickly as I could, and after a few miles I found myself on my own having overtaken most people. I did catch up to an earlier group eventually, and cycled and chatted with one rider for a while. He was only doing one lap though as he had to get home, so I did the second lap mostly on my own. I know at least one person was ahead of me because they were skipping the checkpoints but I wasn't. The second lap mostly involved overtaking slower riders - I know I have a huge advantage with a road bike vs a mountain bike but it's still fun overtaking people! I finished my two laps in approximately 1 hour 40 - the lad…