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Catch up

I don't really have time to catch up with everything unfortunately but will endeavour to write something!Last week was long and painful, mostly due to the acquisition of a new car. I am definitely old and past it now as I am the proud owner of a Ford Galaxy! It's like driving a bus! There was some stress involved as I somehow contrived to lose the tax disc at the dealers but I thankfully got it back. I have been promoted at work! I am now a senior auditor, doing much more varied work. It can sometimes be hard fitting the hours in but I'm sure it will get easier. Sleep is very much at a premium again, although recently the problem has been Kitty - she's definitely nearing the terrible twos...

Sleepless weekend

We had one of those weekends that made me wonder why we're having a third child! I can't wait for when I can sleep all through the night every night, presumably that won't be for a loooong time. It was a fairly quiet weekend, just went to the shops. I took Kitty to the local bicycle recycling initiative to look for a Christmas present for Nicky, and ended up with one for me as well so I can ride alongside him off road (no chance I'm taking the road bike off road!) I wasn't impressed when I had a go at home though, the gears were misaligned despite the so called full service they gave the bike. I had considered getting a second hand road bike from the same place initially but I'm glad I didn't now, as dodgy gears would probably have put me right off! I'm trying to do some proper base training on the bike which means I need to cycle whilst keeping my heartbeat low. My previous attempt at this wasn't very good as it kept going up to 150bpm which is a b…

Yet more sickness

One illness goes, another one comes - it never seems to stop, although as the kids go to groups etc. I suppose it's inevitable that they'll fall ill. Thankfully Anna and I haven't suffered too badly from it, but the weekend was pretty stressful as far as Kitty is concerned. They're both mostly better now.

I took Nicky to see some fireworks at a friend's house on Saturday night, last year he wasn't interested at all but this year he was enthralled by them - it's the longest he's been quiet in a long time!

I got a promotion last week so am feeling happy :-) It seems pretty quick after the last one but I assume it means that I'm doing a good job.

I've broken the 1200 mile barrier on my bike now which seems amazingly high. I'm still gunning for segments on Strava but am also trying to do some base training and keeping my heartbeat low - it's easier said than done, I suppose I need to be more disciplined on the bike and just go a bit more slo…