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Off to Glastonbury tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day, the caravan is mostly packed and ready to go! As with anything involving travelling with kids, it has required military planning to get everything organised but I think most things have been taken care of now. Just the small matter of towing the caravan down to Pilton, setting it up in the middle of the night, brave the queue on Wednesday morning and then celebrate! Mine's a Growler!

Not long to go now

This time next week we'll be in a (hopefully dry) field in Pilton in Somerset having fun! In the meantime we're trying to get as much done as possible so that we're not too stressed in the days before we set off. The leaking water pipes in the caravan have been fixed, but I found out that the battery is flat so I've bought a new one (and charger) so that we have running water and lights. I'll have to go up to the caravan beforehand to check everything works and fix the toilet flush bellows - such fun!

It feels like it's been a long week, and not much has happened (apart from the usual lack of sleep etc.) I had a bit of a knock-back on Sunday which wasn't entirely unexpected, it's still bothering me now but I know it'll get easier with time. Going out for a bike ride yesterday helped take my mind off things a bit - I'm definitely getting fitter as my times are getting quicker, I would have even had a KOM on one segment if I hadn't had to stop…

Caravan holiday in Kent

We took the caravan down to the southern Kent coast this weekend as a test-run for Glastonbury, to see how we'll all fit in and whether there were any problems with the caravan. We did find one unfortunately, a water leak, which looks to be from a loose pipe connector, so I'll have to fix that this weekend, but apart from that it's all OK.

The weekend was dry thankfully, and we had some periods of sunshine, but it was very windy throughout. The kids enjoyed Dymchurch, especially the funfair there, it was the perfect size for them really - not for me though, I hurt my back on the log flume!

We also went on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway to Dungeness. Dungeness is a pretty bleak place, with two lighthouses, a nuclear power plant and not much else! We went up the old lighthouse, Nicky and Kitty both managed to climb up and down all 169 steps! It was very windy at the top.

There was also an open day at Romney station with miniature train rides, traction engines etc. wh…

Too early

I've been up since 4.45am with Rory, who has finally decided two and a half hours later that he is actually tired. The joys of parenthood!

The weekend was ok, nice in parts (we went to a barbecue on Saturday, was great to see people) but also stressful (Nicky was sick whilst out at the park on Sunday, although he seemed fine again about an hour later). Shame it wasn't quite as sunny as we'd expected.

We're going away in the caravan this weekend, as a kind of dry run for Glastonbury. I've been looking at some photos from the last time and remembering the pain from the mud - really hope it's dry this year!