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Another cold

Last week was a bit of a blur, as the whole household gradually became ill with a nasty cold - coupled with the lack of sleep due to Rory deciding that 4.30am is a reasonable time to wake up, it was not a pleasant time! We're all mostly recovered now though.

Nicky is enjoying school so far, and comes home happy and telling us about who has been playing with each day. The house is much quieter during the day, it's much easier to concentrate on work!

I bought myself a turbo trainer this weekend, so I can attempt to train properly on the bike, especially during winter when presumably the weather will prevent cycling on the roads.

I finally got my microserver setup with Ubuntu Server yesterday, so am hoping to set it up properly now to deal with backups, network storage etc. It definitely needs a quieter PSU though if I'm going to leave it switched on all the time though.


Nicky has started school this week! His first proper day was yesterday, he came home a little early yesterday and today but tomorrow should be his first full day. He seems to be enjoying it so far and is apparently impressing his teacher and the assistant.There isn't much else going on at present. I'm a bit better following the news about Barry, we'll hopefully have a proper send off for him soon. Life is just work and parenting at the moment, with the odd bit of cycling when I can fit in! Grand Theft Auto V was released today, a few years ago I'd have been massively excited about it but now it's just another game in a long list of games I don't have time to play! I think I've managed around two hours of game play on a console this year... I do miss playing games like I used to, but nowadays given a choice of games or cycling I'd choose cycling - I must be getting old!


So, following last week's unexplained mopiness, I now have a genuine reason for feeling awful. I found out on Sunday that one of my oldest friends, Barry, died on Saturday. There doesn't seem to be a clear explanation yet of what happened, but apparently one minute he was fine and the next he'd just collapsed. He'd only just turned 32 last month.

I'd known Barry since I was 8 - we moved to Rayleigh then, as Mum had just started a new job in Basildon. He lived over the road to us, and him, my brother and I soon became friends, playing together after school practically every day. We'd ride bicycles, kick a ball in the street and come up with many ridiculous and daft money-making schemes. When we reached drinking age we'd go out every Saturday night in town and have many daft drunken conversations.

The word legend is overused, but in Barry's case it is definitely warranted - even people who haven't met him know all about the things he used to do. He wa…


I'm really not feeling quite right at the moment. Some of it is physical (Rory has been getting up at stupid o'clock every day, so Anna and I have been taking it in turns to get up early), some of it is mental - I'm not entirely sure why, but I've been feeling a bit mopey and unmotivated. One potential explanation is that since doing RideLondon I no longer have anything to aim for until next year (I don't think I can fit another sportive in before the end of the year), and life is just work and getting up early at the moment. I'm also putting on a little bit of weight - I'm currently at 12 stone 5 lb, having spent most of the last few months at around 12 stone - this is mainly down to heavy snacking in an attempt to stay awake during the day. Ideally I'd like to get down to 11 and a half stone, mainly as it'll make it easier cycling up hills! So hopefully I can get back to a regular sleep pattern soon and eat less during the day.

I've been out a…