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We've all had a bit of a cold over the past week - the joys of the disease vectors kids going back to school! I'm still a little snotty and tired so haven't been out on my bike for a week now, hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow.

Kitty seems to be enjoying school so far, although much like Nicky it's difficult to get much out of her other than what she had for lunch! Nicky has been doing pretty well though, his new teacher seems to be a lot more encouraging and Nicky even came in one day and asked to do his homework straight away!

Not much else to write about really, same old stuff going on...

Not quite so low

My overall mood has improved a bit since last week, I'm still not especially happy but I'm not quite in the pit of despair I was then! Not much has changed really, not sleeping brilliantly, all work and no play, the usual!

Kitty had her first visits to school this week, she went in Monday afternoon and Thursday morning and seems completely at ease with everything which is good! She's starting full time on Monday, not looking forward to having to get two of them dressed and out of the door on time every day...

I'm feeling very old all of a sudden - I'm 35 next month but that doesn't really bother me, my hair going thin on top does however! I've also got to lose a bit of weight, I've not been cycling as much as I want to because of injuries and lack of sleep so I'm not in peak condition shall we say.


I've been feeling really down this week, a number of factors but mainly lack of sleep and stress. Had to fork out over £500 to have the exhaust replaced on the car (the catalytic converter had gone as well as the main pipe hence the expense). Will try to write a proper update soon but just really feeling crap at the moment.