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Same old

Not much to write about really - still not sleeping much! My shoulder has mysteriously started aching, been like this for a week now, it's annoying more than anything. My bike is currently out of action, awaiting a new cassette - very frustrating as yesterday was actually sunny! Although not cycling yesterday meant I was slightly less knackered for squash and I actually won! The Glastonbury line up was revealed yesterday, not really that excited by much as I know I'll be limited in what I can see. Can't believe Mumford & Sons are headlining the Pyramid! I'd like to see Public Enemy but I think they clash with the Stones. I'd also like to see Smashing Pumpkins and The Hives if possible, but will probably just take it easy - got to really with the kids. Nicky will be happy though as Jake Bugg and Of Monsters and Men are playing!


Feeling quite low today, not sure why. Probably the lack of sleep! Although we had a reasonable night last night, the two older kids slept until 7.30am!Managed a 35 mile bike ride yesterday, I had been hoping to do 65 miles but a combination of tiredness, high winds and rain in my face, and the fact I'd forgotten my base layer all contributing to deciding to stop early! I've now cycled over 2000 miles since I bought my bike, it's taken me just under a year.
Not much else going on really, being parent to a newborn makes life quite dull for a while!

Really bored of snow

The sight of snow makes me grumpy, because I know I won't be able to go out on my bike until it melts - I'm surprised at just how much it affects my mood, I'm obviously used to the endorphins! I did go for a swim today, and I'm obviously getting fitter because I managed 40 lengths (1km) in 26 minutes without taking a break - normally I have to stop for a breather but I felt ok to carry on today. That's the fastest time I've done since university! Thankfully the snow has cleared off the roads so will hopefully be able to go out tomorrow. We're all still exhausted, I'm still up before six, closer to five, most days as Rory insists on waking up at that time. I know it'll eventually get easier though, we've managed it twice before!

Busy busy busy

I don't get much free time at the moment, and what I do get I try and go out cycling, so haven't written here for a while. Everything with Rory is going well, he's already over 11lbs and has nearly reached the 90th centile for weight, even more quickly than Nicky did. Unfortunately he's taken to being a bit grizzly from 3am onwards, and for the past week I've been up around 5am with him so Anna can get some sleep. Whilst this does mean I'm pretty knackered, I've had a chance to catch up with some films which have been on the TiVo for a while - I've watched The A-Team (absolutely perfect for watching when half-asleep) and Four Lions (very funny). However Rory doesn't sleep during this time, so I can't switch the Xbox on as I have to keep hold of him.

I can see much more of myself in Rory than I could with the other two at this stage, sometimes he pulls faces which really remind me of my dad, other times he looks like my mother-in-law. When I get …