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New Year's Eve

Squash was a bit of a disaster on Wednesday - I drew with Pete 1-1 (with yet another marathon game which finished 18-16 to me but left me pretty exhausted), 1-1 with Jonathan (and even then he was injured in the game I beat him in), beat James 4-0  but lost 2-0 to Will, so Will is now only 1 game behind me overall (26-25). I'm definitely suffering due to not being fit enough, it's just about finding time and energy to do something about it. I've also got a mark on my arm where Will smashed a ball against it (accidentally):

We've got a house full of junk food which needs to be eaten (such hardship!) but so far I've put on half a stone over Christmas and I don't want to put any more on, so will have to go for a few walks.

We don't have any plans tonight, and we might not even stay up until midnight! Anna got Inception on DVD for Christmas so we might sit and watch that with a pizza.


The bulk of the festivities are now over, I'm back to work and things are mostly back to normal now.
We had a few friends over on Christmas Eve, as we can't really go out anywhere late in the evening, so we just had a few drinks and snacks and had a nice time. Christmas went much better than I'd been expecting, most of the things that I'd thought might have caused me stress didn't materialise and everyone seemed happy, especially Nicky who now has a mountain of new toys!
The last few days we've been at Anna's parents and my mum's, and we've been able to relax a little whilst the grandparents look after Nicky. We've even had two reasonable nights of sleep, Nicky hasn't been sleeping well due to his teeth but hopefully we're over the worst of it.
Got squash tonight, it's going to be interesting after all the food I've eaten in the last week!

Pub crawl

Saturday was supposed to be the day for our annual pub crawl from Hadleigh to Rayleigh, but unfortunately due to the snow we didn't get anywhere near Rayleigh. We did make it to Hadleigh, but in the time the bus took to crawl it's way there the snow was a few inches thick and the bus probably wasn't going to get much further due to hills etc. So instead we retreated back to Southend and went to a few pubs there. The enforced break in drinking was probably a good thing due to my lack of stamina these days, but we still managed to get onto vodka jellies before the night was out!

Christmas shopping is now complete thanks to the final Amazon parcel being delivered yesterday. Now we've just got to get everything wrapped, no mean feat as far as Nicky's presents are concerned!

We're going to have six people playing squash tomorrow so have got two courts between us, it's going to be absolutely knackering I'm sure!

Squash pain

Last night we were all handed a lesson in squash by Jimmy, who played with us for the first time. Despite his protestations that he 'wasn't that good', he beat all of us without losing a game, thanks to his greater stamina and shot selections. I started having some joy against him in my final game, but by that stage I was exhausted - this was mainly thanks to my first match of the night against Pete where I just beat him (16-14) but hurt my back in the process. After that I was running on adrenaline for the rest of the night, and ended up losing 2-1 in games to both Will and Pete, and 3-0 to Jimmy.

It's good to have someone new to play against though, as it means we'll all hopefully learn from Jimmy and rise to his standard - we had been in danger of getting a little stale as we'd learned everyone else's tactics. It's also good that I was thoroughly exhausted at the end, hopefully it'll build up my stamina a little!

It's Christmas

Noddy Holder has said so (heard him saying it yesterday) so it's now Christmas. The Christmas tree is up, most of the shopping is done, just need to prepare as much as possible before the big day. Still need to wrap presents etc...

Had a reasonably good weekend, apart from the football (Hodgson out please!) Went into London for lunch with my mum and brother, went out Saturday night for a friend's birthday (although drove rather than drank) then yesterday went into town to get a few bits. This is as exciting as life gets with a family :-) Not that I'm complaining at all. I've arranged to have next Saturday off to celebrate All-C***s day (it's a long story).

I've now finished the Millennium Trilogy, and have started reading a book about freelancing which I bought in the SitePoint Christmas sale.


For now, things seem to be going OK, apart from the usual lack of sleep caused by the young master. Last night I received an email from my manager telling me that all of my performance metrics were in the green and that she was very pleased with my work, and this morning I received an email showing the stats for everyone and I'm one of only a few to have met all the targets. I'm very pleased about this!

Also, last night I received a Christmas hamper from one of my web development clients, which was a really nice gesture as it was so unexpected. So I'm feeling good about all of my work for a change.

Getting close to Christmas now, need to finish up my shopping.

Only 10% left of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest left, really enjoyed the trilogy, will have to check out the films (the Swedish ones obviously).


Well, so much for my previous entry saying that there hadn't been any snow - we had a great deal of it in the past week! Nicky and I made a snowman in the back garden (well, he helped a little bit, so I have to take full responsibility for how rubbish it is!)

Anna did make it a bit better, but sadly we didn't take a photo and he's mostly melted away now.

So we've mostly spent the week being very cold (although I did finally find out how to turn the heating up a couple of days ago which helped). In other news, I've got most of mine and Nicky's Christmas shopping sorted, just one or two more small items to get.

I've been reading the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson and am on to the third book - have been unable to put them down, I can see why they're so popular (and they're much better than Dan Brown). I'm going to be sad when I've finished the last one knowing that there won't be any more.

Nicky met Father Christmas for the first time …