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Back to work

It's my last day of paternity leave today, and whilst I haven't missed work, I'm looking forward to returning to a bit of normality.It still hasn't really sunk in that I'm a father of two, and sometimes I look at Kitty and she's so small that she doesn't seem real. She definitely seems to take after me a bit more than Nicky did when he was small (although he looks a bit more like me now), she has my eyes I think.I'm using the official Blogger Android app to write this, seems much better than AndroBlogger was. Didn't know that there was an official app until today, but it has a nice clean interface and is straightforward to use.

Still shattered

It's been a rather hectic week. What with Kitty being born, I also had a very bad cold which is only just on the way out now, and I had more root canal work on Wednesday (with the promise of still more next week)!

Kitty is lovely, although unfortunately is following the same path as Nicky by mostly wanting to feed at night. I uploaded some pictures to my Picasa page.

In this picture she looks almost exactly like Nicky did on the day he was born - same babygrow, just darker hair and a bit smaller - I put the two pictures together to show a comparison.

So far Kitty seems a lot quieter than Nicky was, although that might just be time making me forget about the noise or it could be because Kitty's lungs are a bit smaller than Nicky's were. Nicky has taken it all in his stride so far and varies between being very interested in his sister to completely ignoring her in favour of some cars/buses/other vehicles.

Been trying to find some nice clothes for Kitty but unfortunately nearl…


Kathleen (Kitty) Kay Ingram was born on 9.32pm on Monday 21st February, weighing 3.25 kg (7lb 2oz, although in the notes it says 7lb 3oz so not sure which is correct!)

I'll write a proper update soon, but I'm exhausted at the moment...

Here we go...

Haven't slept well for the past two nights as Nicky hasn't been well. Thought I might get a chance to recover tonight, but child 2 obviously has other ideas as it looks like he or she will be with us in a few hours!

No sign

Still no sign of the baby arriving today, so like his or her brother it's going to be late...

Listened to most of the new Radiohead album today. Very disappointed, it's just another album in the Kid A/Amnesiac style. Would it kill them to just have a guitar track?

Hospital again

Anna had another ultrasound scan again today, the baby is still growing normally, it's just a bit small. The heartbeat is also OK. Looks like it'll definitely be a hospital birth now though, barring Anna being stranded somewhere! I'm looking forward to finally meeting him or her when he/she finally arrives! Due date is two days away...

Otherwise, nothing interesting is going on. Watched some of the Brits last night and wished I hadn't, the music industry is in a terrible state. I'd be surprised if more than 10% of the audience even knew who Roger Daltrey was. I've happily pre-ordered the Radiohead album knowing that they'll get the money rather than it going to any record-company types that might contribute to the mess that is the Brits. I'm hoping for a return to something a bit rockier rather than anything Kid A-style.

My tooth is still sore but not as bad as yesterday...

Bad day

Today has to go down as a bad day. It was never going to be brilliant what with a dentist appointment first thing, but I was running a little late and the traffic was terrible so I took an alternative route, where there was a mobile speed camera on the side of the road in a police van which I reckon caught me doing up to 40 in a 30. I guess I'll get 3 points now, I'll have to assume it caught me. Bugger.

After this wonderful episode came the first part of my root canal treatment, which apparently involves drilling out the inside of the tooth in question. It's very sore now that the anaesthetic has worn off. Reading up on the treatment, I see that later on they'll drill out the actual root canal which I'm sure will be wonderful(!)

On top of this, our six week old washer/dryer has decided that it no longer wants to dry anything, so had to call up the Hotpoint helpline, where they tried to sell me extra insurance once the engineer was arranged, FFS.

I'm now runnin…


We've had a reasonably stress-free weekend, theoretically it was our last free weekend before child 2 arrives! On Saturday we took Nicky on the train to the end of the pier, which he enjoyed (as he enjoys anything mechanical that moves it seems!) The RNLI shop at the end must do pretty well as there isn't anything else there apart from a cafe (which was only just opening as we went back) and some local 'characters'.

On Sunday I decided we should go to Ikea as I wanted some shelves for my office and I probably won't get a chance to go for a while. As usual we ended up buying more things than we meant to, but thankfully it wasn't as busy as I've known it to be on a weekend so it wasn't too stressful. I even bumped into Adam and Anna there, which was the last place I'd have expected to see them - we're all getting old!

Not long to go...

In theory, the youngling will be born a week tomorrow, but as Nicky was two weeks late it seems likely we'll be waiting a while. In the meantime Anna has to keep going into hospital two or three times a week to be scanned/monitored - everything is fine for now which is reassuring, but it does cause extra stress.

On the plus side it means I get to spend time with Nicky whilst Anna is in hospital, and for the past week he's been really well behaved and an absolute joy to be with. He's even started copying me pretending to be Dave Angel! He still won't sleep when he's tired though. I reckon I've spent at least 30 minutes a day for his whole life trying to get him to sleep, and some days it has taken hours - don't really want to work out what that is in total!

I started this week trying to get things crossed off my to-do list. I've had some success - the car is finally fixed (although the engine maintenance light came back on after two days), I went to the …

More stress

So, all is not well after yesterday. The baby is growing as expected and it's weight is following the curve, but because it's weight is apparently lower than would be expected for Anna a home birth has been pretty much ruled out. Furthermore, Anna is supposed to go in twice a week for heart rate monitoring and once a week for a scan. The consultant who delivered all this news had the bedside manner of... well, she didn't have a bedside manner, you'd find more compassion in a pebble. Obviously Anna is very upset about all of this, and everyone is very stressed. This is exacerbated by Nicky being very clingy to Anna at the moment as he can obviously tell something is up.

My car exhaust still isn't fixed - well, I suppose technically the exhaust is fixed, but it needs a new lambda sensor which was supposed to be fitted today, but the part that was sent was wrong so hoping to get the right part tomorrow...

It's Chinese New Year today - the year of the rabbit. Gong …

Goodbye Fernando

So finally the transfers are all sorted, we've overpaid for Andy Carroll but we've lost Torres (hope he plays on Sunday and gets injured in an 'accidental' collision). I'm feeling slightly optimistic strangely, hopefully we'll end up better off given Torres' injury record in recent seasons.

I'm just glad we didn't name Nicky 'Fernando'!

In more important news, the growth scan is tomorrow, tensions are high...