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Long weekend 1

The gaps between blog entries seem to be increasing, need to blog a bit more frequently really, although I haven't used my laptop since last Thursday, having a smartphone makes it easy to check news, Twitter etc. so I only use the laptop when I'm working or playing games (once in a blue moon).

Firstly, my letter to Best Buy had the desired effect. The day after sending it (I also emailed it to them as suggested by their Twitter feed) I got a phone call from their customer complaints department. The man I spoke to was very friendly and apologetic, and offered me adequate compensation for our troubles and the promise of exchanging the machine if it breaks down again in the next 3 months. If only all my communications with Best Buy had been this good!

On Friday we went to the park for a few hours, had a picnic lunch and played a few games including quick cricket and had an egg and spoon race. It was a lovely sunny day but I managed to avoid burning thankfully. After that we went …

More chocolate for me

Had a very tiring weekend. It seems as though Kitty doesn't like it when Anna eats chocolate, so she's having to not eat it for a while, not good for her this close to Easter (although good for me!) Every time Anna had chocolate, Kitty would scream after feeding, so we didn't get much sleep over the weekend. The last couple of nights haven't been too good either, as Nicky has taken to waking up a couple of times a night.

The washing machine is finally fixed. It turns out there was a cable unplugged inside the back. I'm certain the last engineer didn't open the back panel, so I'm pretty fed up that we've been without a washing machine for 11 days because of that. Going to write an angry letter to Best Buy.


Very tired, as is usual for now. Anna is also struggling with a bit of a cold, and both kids are a bit whingy for various reasons so quite a stressed household at the moment! At my mum's this weekend so hopefully we'll get a little bit of a rest.

The washer/dryer won't be fixed until at least Tuesday. Hotpoint have offered a £20 Sainsburys voucher which is better than nothing but for now my main object of ire is Best Buy. When I called them to complain and query about the possibility of an exchange or refund they were quite disdainful and quoted some 28 day policy. I've written them a letter which I'll post next week after a few refinements, I'm more than happy to take them to Trading Standards unless they adequately compensate me. Ever since getting the machine Best Buy have been next to useless. I will never buy anything from them again, regardless of how cheap it is, and I will happily tell anyone who asks what I think of them.

The Glastonbury lineup has bee…


So, we finally have a caravan. I managed to successfully tow it from the place we bought it to the storage site yesterday (about 25 miles), although actually parking it was interesting - I could get the caravan into the right place but not without getting my car trapped. Lots more practice required I think! I'm sure once we've used it a few times things will be easier, but for now I'm a nervous wreck when I'm towing. It'll definitely make Glastonbury a lot less stressful, but we'll do a few shorter practice trips first!

We picked it up yesterday, meaning I was working late into the night, which wasn't helped by Avast releasing dodgy virus definitions which meant every website I visited was flagged as containing a virus. It took me two hours to figure this out (no updates on their website or Twitter, and their forum had crashed - eventually found out by searching Twitter for 'Avast'), so I didn't finish work until 11. Nicky was up a couple of tim…

Hotpoint are useless

The washer/dryer has broken for the second time in three months. A Hotpoint engineer came this morning, diagnosed a dodgy thermistor (same problem as before), replaced it and it seemed to work, but it's now flashing lights again. Called the service people, engineer now reckons it's a broken control board, they have to order the part and wait for it to be replaced.

Now the engineer is just doing his job, and indeed voiced his frustration with how poor the design of these things is that he has to replace a thermistor (part of the drying mechanism) in order to make the washing mechanism work. But I'm pissed off at Hotpoint overall. They won't exchange as it's older than 28 days, they won't give me a non-0844 number to call them (but saynoto0870 solves that problem) and now we're without a washing machine until some time next week at the earliest, not what you need when you have two children in nappies. I've had nothing but trouble with this washer/dryer, f…

Jack's funeral

The funeral was on Wednesday morning, and we had a nice day for it. The service went as well as could be reasonably expected, and afterwards the atmosphere was OK, helped by my brother's girlfriend's nephew who is 14 months old and took everyone's attention. The coffin was so small, absolutely dwarfed by the hearse - it was maybe a little bigger than a shoebox, and had 'Baby Jack Ingram' engraved on it.

Afterwards I had a look at some pictures, and Jack was almost impossibly tiny. They received a box full of keepsakes from a charity set up by a mother who had gone through something similar, so I'm going to try and see if I can make a donation to them.

Struggling to keep track

As things go, I've been sleeping moderately well over the last few days, but I still feel like I'm not in control of things. For example, I completely forgot that I'm going to a wedding reception on Saturday and had been planning to go to Mum's the same day. My desk is a mess and I'm finding it difficult to keep track of things - I'm not sure if this is down to getting old or lack of sleep! I usually know exactly what I'm doing and what needs to be done, so I'm almost feeling a bit scared almost that I'm struggling to keep track of everything.

I've not really stopped since Friday on account of Nicky's birthday - not that I begrudge doing things in order for him to have a nice time, of course I'm glad that he's had a nice weekend! We went to a farm on Friday, which Nicky enjoyed immensely - not because of the animals, but because of the toy farm vehicles everywhere which he could ride on! I think I've got two pictures of him with …