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Transfer deadline day

Since Nicky was born football has placed quite low on my list of priorities (good thing too the way Liverpool have been doing recently), yet I still find myself today endlessly checking Twitter and news sites for news about Torres. I've resigned myself to him going, yet still keep checking. I thought I'd no longer care about things like this when I got older so why is it bothering me?!

Still fairly stressed about the baby but nothing I can do for now, hopefully all will be well on Wednesday and we can get back on with organising things.

Sleep makes the difference

We almost got a decent night of sleep last night - Nicky only stirred once at about 3.30am, but after that was fine and we only really got out of bed at 8am which is pretty amazing for us at the moment!

Slightly less stressed about baby things today. Main cause of stress is about Torres supposedly wanting to go to Chelsea. It's disappointing more than anything, after reading his book where he claims to love the club and fans and understands us, to want to go to Chelsea is galling to say the least. If he does go I hope we get a fortune for him, and if he goes to Chelsea I hope he has the kind of career that Michael Owen had after leaving us.


Last night we made a midnight dash to the hospital as Anna was concerned that the youngling wasn't moving. I discovered that I can get to the hospital in five minutes if I don't pay attention to the traffic lights (the roads were empty and changed just as I went through anyway). I don't think I've ever felt so panicky - everything was a bit of a blur, getting Nicky out of bed and dressed (he was an absolute star throughout), getting to the hospital and then getting into the delivery suite to hear the baby's heart beating was the biggest relief. I'm still in a bit of a daze this morning. I hope the rest of the pregnancy isn't so dramatic, we could do with an easy week, although with the growth scan next week I'm not sure we'll get it.

The evening had been fairly pleasant until then - I'd hooked up my laptop to the TV so we could watch the streaming coverage of the Manics' gig in Blackwood - can't believe they did Suicide Alley, or that fo…

Very very stressed

I was hoping for an easier week this week, but the list of things contributing to my stress is increasing steadily.

Anna went for what we were told was a growth scan on Tuesday. After hanging around for four hours we were finally told that it wasn't actually a growth scan, it was a scan to check the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid (all OK), but they had found a cyst near one of Anna's ovaries which may need an operation after the birth. So the stress about growth continues until the actual growth scan next Wednesday.

On top of this, Nicky has developed a rash which at first glance looked like chickenpox - not something we want to worry about when Anna is close to full term as it can cause complications. After a very sleepless night we went to the doctor this morning who is fairly sure it isn't chickenpox, just a viral rash - which is a relief in one way, but it doesn't help Nicky feel any better. I'm sure when he actually does get chickenpox it will be …


On Saturday my brother and I went down to Somerset to see our Grandad, who is in a care home in Wells. On the way we stopped off at Haycombe cemetery in Bath to try and find the plaque commemorating our Granny, but I hadn't realised how impossible this would be without knowing where to look as the cemetery is quite big and the office is closed, so we were ultimately unsuccessful.

We spent about an hour and a half with my Grandad which is far longer than either of us had hoped for, we were conscious of him becoming tired (he is 93 after all) but he seemed more than happy for us to stay. We learned so much about his life that neither of us knew before, how him and Granny met, the positive work that they did looking after children, so much so that 60 years later some of the children (now much older obviously!) still keep in contact with him. It made both my brother and myself feel very humble, that Grandad had done so much good in his life yet felt humble that we had travelled down t…

Need to shift some weight

I put on about half a stone over Christmas and it's showing no sign of going. It's really starting to affect me at squash I think, combined with a lack of general fitness means I struggle towards the end of the session. Coupled with my ongoing stress meant I did pretty badly last night, I only won 3/8 games and lost both games against my brother, and against Will (so he is only 1 game behind me overall now).

Despite having a decent night's sleep I still feel really tired. I guess I'm not going to feel properly awake until all the children have grown up!

Slight panic

On Monday Anna saw the midwife, who said that the bump didn't seem to have grown much in the last two weeks. We had to go for a scan at the hospital, the sonographer gave us the all-clear, but it wasn't made clear to us that we'd have to go and see the midwives in the maternity ward. So we had to go back to the hospital (£2 to park each time as well!) and see a midwife, and the upshot of it all is that Anna will have to go in for at least a couple more scans and probably see a consultant.

Whilst it's likely that everything is OK, I'm sure you can imagine that we are both really worried about this. Apparently my mum had the same with me and my bump didn't grow for a couple of weeks, and there any number of explanations as to why everything is OK, but it's still difficult to stop worrying. It seems that this child will be smaller than Nicky at any rate, and we successfully avoided finding out the sex again.

On top of all of this, I think the exhaust on my car…


Daily updates just aren't going to happen, no matter how much I try! I just don't really spend much time on my PC at the weekends, I try to take a break and I'll only update if I remember to do it on my phone.

I'm glad that I have greater priorities in life than football these days otherwise I'd probably be miserable given how we're doing at the moment. 6 points off the bottom isn't very good, although at least Dalglish has us playing decent football now.

More tiredness

Another night of little sleep, joy. At least it's Friday, so while I won't get a rest tomorrow at least it'll be a day off from work.

In the end I decided not to bother getting my racquet restrung, I've just stuck the bumper down with glue and taped it up a little bit which will hopefully be enough. Don't really want to have to fork out £20 or so to get it all fixed unless I really have to.


So much for an entry every day - I was just too tired to write anything yesterday. Hopefully now that I've finished this piece of work I'll have a little bit of free time, but I was on the go non-stop from Saturday afternoon until yesterday afternoon.

Despite being thoroughly exhausted, squash wasn't too bad. Strangely, I seemed to play better when I was more tired, as my wins came towards the end. I think this might be down to me being forced to play softer shots as I lack the energy to hit the ball hard, maybe I'm better at softer shots? Definitely need to get my racquet restrung though as the plastic bit on top has broken.


Haven't stopped all day, first with looking after Nicky and now working. Better to have work than none but I feel terrible, hence short blog entry (plus got to carry on working).

New levels of tiredness

It seems that every so often my threshold for what constitutes being tired is increased. Nicky still isn't quite right and had a restless night, so I got up early with him. Thankfully he's gone to bed reasonably early for him (asleep by 7pm!) and hasn't stirred too much so far.

I keep meaning to investigate setting up an online squash league for our weekly games, but haven't yet got around to doing it. There's so much I want/need to do but haven't got the time! It's going to get even busier once child 2 arrives...


So much for blogging every day. In my defence it's been a tiring few days, Nicky has a bad cough and cold so free time is at a premium. I've been busy working too. I had meant to update last night using my phone but forgot, oh well, it's hardly the end of the world if I don't update a blog that nobody reads!

I'm very happy with Hodgson leaving Liverpool, you could see today that the team were playing much better football, it's a shame that Howard Webb gave away the softest penalty in the history of soft Old Trafford penalties - why does he always ref this game when he's got such a history of being biased towards Man Utd? Oh well, at least you could see the improvement in the football from us.

Best Buy - sadly disappointing service

As I mentioned before, we ordered a new washing machine from Best Buy as our old one was on the blink. Today was the delivery date. I'd had a call on Wednesday to confirm that the delivery date was today and that they'd be here between 9.30 and 1.30. I thought this was brilliant customer service, as I'd selected the free delivery option where you can only specify the day, so to be given a time slot in advance is excellent.

I then got a call this morning, telling me that they'd be here around 10.30 and apologising for the delay due to traffic. Again, it's touches like this that make me reconsider all my previous terrible experiences of arranging for things to be delivered.

So around 10.30 the washing machine arrives. Here's where things start to go downhill. The bloke delivering it asked if I had any tools to help with the installation. I thought this was a bit strange as you'd expect someone who installs washing machines to have their own tools. Then I foun…

Not aching, yet...

Squash last night was pretty good despite me moaning about my tiredness yesterday. I lost 2-0 to Jimmy yet again, although I did get him to 6-6 in the second game - he's just a lot fitter than me. I drew 1-1 with Pete, which could also have been down to tiredness in the game that I lost, but again that's fitness really. I beat my brother and James 2-0 (James took me to 19-17 and should have won that one!), but the main achievement for me was beating Will 2-0, stretching my lead over him to 3 games. It has to be said that Will was getting over a cold, and his hand probably wasn't too great after he managed to slice it open whilst washing up(!) - he stopped our second game with me 8-7 up as the cut had re-opened. But a win is a win is a win!
I have another mark on the inside of my thigh thanks to James hitting a squash ball there - I would have taken a picture but it's more or less the same as the one posted last week, just on my leg rather than my arm!
Speaking of wins, i…

Further lack of sleep

Another bad night's sleep, although this time Nicky wasn't to blame, I just couldn't fall asleep for some reason. It always seems to be that I never sleep the night before I play squash - I don't want to use it as an excuse for not playing well (because I'm sure it's mainly fitness) but it can't be a good thing. I'm only one game ahead of Will overall now so I can't let him beat me this week!

Had a few PC problems earlier which means I'm a little behind with work...

Played a bit of Limbo last night and I'm very, very impressed so far. I love the minimalism and the difficulty. The game reminds me of Ico in some ways, although it's much more violent! Didn't realise spiders would feature so much though, not a good thing! Look forward to playing it some more.

Sleep would be good

Today has been an up-and-down kind of day. It didn't start well as Nicky was up several times in the night, so no-one was in a good mood first thing this morning. I took Nicky into town this morning whilst Anna went to her art course, I had a £30 Game voucher to spend but there was hardly anything in there that I wanted (I was kind of tempted by Bayonetta at £7.99 but I guess by the time I finish all the games I currently have it'll be cheaper). It's quite annoying that you can only use the vouchers in shops, where prices are already higher than on the Game website, and there's far less stock available - I was interested in possibly getting a PC joypad but the amount of PC items available was minimal.

I also looked for a calendar, but the discounting hasn't really begun yet - hopefully they'll come down a bit soon. I don't really use a calendar so refuse to pay £8 for one, but Anna wanted one so I'm sure we'll get one soon.

This afternoon Nicky agai…

New washing machine

So we've gone ahead and ordered a new washing machine, before VAT goes up and before our current one fails completely. As our nappy washes are going to increase very soon, we've gone for a washer/dryer which can take 7kg loads, which should make life slightly easier.

I'd visited Best Buy recently and not been impressed, but they had the model we wanted at £30 cheaper than anywhere else, and I also got 10% cashback from Quidco which is nice! It's being delivered on Friday.

So this is what it's like being old then, where the highlight of the year so far is buying a washing machine!

We went for a walk along the seafront today, it was colder than it has been recently but Nicky had a nice time.

Happy new year!

Hope everyone has a great 2011. I'm aiming to blog every day this year, so this is a test post from my phone using an Android app. I'll write a longer entry later or tomorrow.