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8 days to go

Turns out I couldn't count in my last entry, and it's actually only 8 days now to Christmas! I have most of my present shopping done now, just a couple of minor bits I need to get but nothing urgent. I've taken advantage of the free Amazon Prime trial to get next day delivery on some items, so hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow.

It's been a long weekend, as Anna and Rory have been unwell, and I've been getting up before 5 for however many days and weeks now, I've lost count. I could happily fall asleep slumped at my PC! I'm glad I've got next week off, I haven't had any real time off since Glastonbury.

Great result yesterday against Spurs, typical that Liverpool start playing well now I no longer take such an interest in football! Oh well, not long until the cycling starts up again...

16 days to go

I've still got a few presents left to get - the main ones are all done, but still a few that might need a last-minute panic buy to sort out! I took Nicky into town yesterday and went to a few shops to get some bits for people - he was really good, he doesn't like shopping but managed to hold out until the end. I even bought a Christmas album to try and get into the mood (I'm playing up to my reputation as a bit of a Scrooge but am trying to make an effort for the kids!) I still haven't heard Noddy Holder say it's Christmas so it isn't yet :-)

Anna and I spent all of Saturday cleaning the dining room, kitchen and some of the living room. Despite working solidly for 8 hours (with just Rory at home, the other two were being looked after by Anna's mum) the house didn't look that different, but it is a lot cleaner now and we'll try to keep it that way! We might even get the decorations put up this weekend.

20 days to go

Preparations for Christmas are mostly going smoothly - the kids' main presents are sorted, and there's just a few other presents that need to be bought - hopefully it won't be too stressful going into town at the weekend to get stuff.

Not much is going on, other than the usual lack of sleep, although I did manage 7 hours last night which is the most I've had in a while (although I did wake up at 2.45am, more out of habit than anything I think).

I've been on a few more bike rides and things are mostly back to normal down below. It's surprising just how much difference two weeks off the bike makes - I feel a lot less fit! It was very windy out today, lots of fun going east but west was very slow going with a few wobbles along the way!

Back to normal

The two weeks post-op is finally up and I'm making the most of it - two bike rides in two days, with probably a third planned for tomorrow! I'm just taking it easy for now as although the pain has stopped, I'm still getting the odd twinge so don't want to go all-out just yet. I see that I've now broken the 4000 miles barrier since taking up cycling in March 2012 - back then I wouldn't have ever believed I'd have cycled so much, but nowadays I wish it were more :-)

Doctor Who at the cinema was great - although the less said about the cinema the better (only one working ticket machine on a Saturday night when one of the biggest films of the year (Hunger Games) and Doctor Who are showing?) I could easily live without seeing another 3D showing - it was impressive I suppose but I found that it made things a bit blurry sometimes. I thought the programme lived up to the hype, although it will just continue the 10 vs 11 argument between myself and Anna (10 is bette…

Slightly less pain

Most of the past week has been spent walking gingerly and feeling rubbish. The pain down below is easing to the extent that I'm no longer taking painkillers, but the flucloxacillin is making my stomach upset and generally making me feel lethargic. Thankfully I only have two more to take - not being able to eat for three hour stretches has made me even more insufferable! To top it off I've come down with a cold today, so a runny nose and sore throat are added to the mix. Not much else going on at present, kind of difficult to concentrate on anything else really! We're going to the cinema for Doctor Who on Saturday, will be nice to have a couple of hours away from the kids. Nicky is sleeping wonderfully at the moment but the less said about the other two the better!


Today is probably the most rested I've been in a long time, as I went to bed last night at about 7.30pm and have spent practically the whole day here (although I have been working for some of that time). I do have a good excuse, as I had minor surgery yesterday - a vasectomy, and although at the time it didn't hurt (it was done under local anaesthetic), it's starting to ache quite a bit now.

I was dozed up on diazepam beforehand, which I found was a bit like being drunk, just without all the good bits. It took about thirty minutes altogether, and from then on I've been on antibiotics and co-codamol for the pain. Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of last night feeling in quite a lot of pain, staggered to the bathroom to take some painkillers, only to pass out - I came to quite quickly afterwards but I was lucky I hadn't hit the toilet or sink on the way down. It was very confusing coming round with Anna asking if I was alright, I don't think I have seen the…

Head lice

Rory's sleep seemed to get even worse over the weekend - yesterday I was up at 3.30am and although I got another half hour at about 5am I felt dreadful throughout the day. Today, getting up at 5am almost seems like a lie-in (although I'm still knackered!)

We were all planning to go down to the seafront on Saturday night to see the fireworks, but Kitty fell ill on Saturday afternoon (in typical Kitty fashion, it came on suddenly, she was sick and then seemed better almost immediately, but she fell asleep before we were going out) so just Nicky and I went. He really enjoyed the fireworks, and afterwards we went on a few rides - he likes the rollercoasters and I also took him in the twin-seater go karts - mine was ridiculously underpowered but Nicky still liked it.

Afterwards, on the way back to the car, I bought a portion of chips but was so tired that I ended up covering them in sugar rather than salt - an interesting culinary experience but one I don't think I'll repea…

Starting to get ridiculous

Rory used to sleep perfectly normally, but the last month or so has been awful - I'm sure I don't remember Nicky being this bad (although he probably was and I've just forgotten it). I'm frequently getting up before 5am to look after him, as Anna has to feed him when he gets up in the night. I know it will pass eventually but I'm just really bored of it now!

Not much going on at the moment other than the lack of sleep. Started Christmas shopping already, got Nicky and Kitty's main presents sorted already.


It was my birthday last Friday. By now, my age is just a number that is more than enough for me to drive and buy alcohol (although not together), and so is not really important - I even have to stop and think what my actual age is sometimes when asked. I think 33 still counts as early 30s so am not too panicked about getting old just yet - let's face it, I'm married with three kids, I go on caravan holidays, I own an expensive bike with several drawers full of lycra, music these days is rubbish - I'm already old!

Given my obsession with cycling, it was no surprise that the majority of my presents were cycling-related, although this is a good thing! I did however get a Jedi dressing gown from Anna's parents, and Anna got me an ocarina which is the one thing I asked for, with the intention of learning the songs from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

No birthday would be complete without a cake, and here is the brilliant bicycle cake that Anna, Nicky and Kitty made me…


We didn't get Glastonbury tickets yesterday. Despite having four devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) trying to get through, I didn't have any joy. We'll try again in the resales but it doesn't look like we'll be going next year. I suppose we have been pretty lucky, this is the first time in 9 attempts that I've not got tickets.

The website though was an absolute joke. It is astounding that See Tickets continue to get the job of selling tickets, as every year there has been a problem. Michael Eavis has obviously never actually been to the website during the ticket sale, either that or he doesn't care as he's getting his tickets sold anyway. Then See had the gall to post the following on Twitter:
And thanks for all the advice. Never knew we had so many IT consultants following us
— See Tickets (@seetickets) October 6, 2013Perhaps if they hired some IT consultants they wouldn't have any problems! Or even invested in some hardware capable of dealin…

Lack of sleep

I realise the majority of my posts since I started this blog have related to my lack of sleep, but things have been ridiculous over the last couple of weeks. Rory has gone from being a reasonable sleeper to being worse than Nicky ever was - up every couple of hours and then up for the day at around 4am. I've done most of these early shifts, so both Anna and I are absolutely shattered by it - we think it's teeth plus developmental (Rory is starting to walk holding on to the furniture and his walker) - I just really hope it stops soon!

As well as the lack of sleep, I'm also knackered from cycling - obviously this is self-inflicted but the endorphin rush does somewhat compensate for the lack of sleep. My legs are pretty stiff today though - I did 8 hill repeats last Thursday and am still paying the price I think!

Nicky's still enjoying school and seems to be making friends easily, he comes home telling us a different name each day. We took him to see the Vulcan at Southen…

Another cold

Last week was a bit of a blur, as the whole household gradually became ill with a nasty cold - coupled with the lack of sleep due to Rory deciding that 4.30am is a reasonable time to wake up, it was not a pleasant time! We're all mostly recovered now though.

Nicky is enjoying school so far, and comes home happy and telling us about who has been playing with each day. The house is much quieter during the day, it's much easier to concentrate on work!

I bought myself a turbo trainer this weekend, so I can attempt to train properly on the bike, especially during winter when presumably the weather will prevent cycling on the roads.

I finally got my microserver setup with Ubuntu Server yesterday, so am hoping to set it up properly now to deal with backups, network storage etc. It definitely needs a quieter PSU though if I'm going to leave it switched on all the time though.


Nicky has started school this week! His first proper day was yesterday, he came home a little early yesterday and today but tomorrow should be his first full day. He seems to be enjoying it so far and is apparently impressing his teacher and the assistant.There isn't much else going on at present. I'm a bit better following the news about Barry, we'll hopefully have a proper send off for him soon. Life is just work and parenting at the moment, with the odd bit of cycling when I can fit in! Grand Theft Auto V was released today, a few years ago I'd have been massively excited about it but now it's just another game in a long list of games I don't have time to play! I think I've managed around two hours of game play on a console this year... I do miss playing games like I used to, but nowadays given a choice of games or cycling I'd choose cycling - I must be getting old!


So, following last week's unexplained mopiness, I now have a genuine reason for feeling awful. I found out on Sunday that one of my oldest friends, Barry, died on Saturday. There doesn't seem to be a clear explanation yet of what happened, but apparently one minute he was fine and the next he'd just collapsed. He'd only just turned 32 last month.

I'd known Barry since I was 8 - we moved to Rayleigh then, as Mum had just started a new job in Basildon. He lived over the road to us, and him, my brother and I soon became friends, playing together after school practically every day. We'd ride bicycles, kick a ball in the street and come up with many ridiculous and daft money-making schemes. When we reached drinking age we'd go out every Saturday night in town and have many daft drunken conversations.

The word legend is overused, but in Barry's case it is definitely warranted - even people who haven't met him know all about the things he used to do. He wa…


I'm really not feeling quite right at the moment. Some of it is physical (Rory has been getting up at stupid o'clock every day, so Anna and I have been taking it in turns to get up early), some of it is mental - I'm not entirely sure why, but I've been feeling a bit mopey and unmotivated. One potential explanation is that since doing RideLondon I no longer have anything to aim for until next year (I don't think I can fit another sportive in before the end of the year), and life is just work and getting up early at the moment. I'm also putting on a little bit of weight - I'm currently at 12 stone 5 lb, having spent most of the last few months at around 12 stone - this is mainly down to heavy snacking in an attempt to stay awake during the day. Ideally I'd like to get down to 11 and a half stone, mainly as it'll make it easier cycling up hills! So hopefully I can get back to a regular sleep pattern soon and eat less during the day.

I've been out a…

Not much going on

Nothing of importance to write about really - have been pretty busy and haven't got much of note to put here. The only new thing really is that I took the kids out in the woods with the bike trailer attached to my mountain bike - they enjoyed it despite getting muddy!

Only a couple of weeks until Nicky starts school now!

A bit better

I'm feeling slightly lethargic than I did last week - I'm not sure what the problem was but I feel slightly more human now. However, this is offset by the usual lack of sleep - Rory is just about to start crawling, so his sleep has been quite disturbed, meaning a few early mornings. I finally got around to watching the film Mongol, about the rise to power of Genghis Khan. I was a bit disappointed, as I thought it was a bit slow given all of the achievements after he became Khan, but this is probably because the film was supposed to be part of a trilogy. I finally attached the bike trailer to my mountain bike on Sunday, and took Nicky and Kitty for a spin around the block. It was quite fun, the trailer worked really well and Nicky was screaming at me to go faster! If the nice weather holds out we might take it to the woods on Sunday and go for a ride around there. I've only been for one ride on my road bike in the last week, a quick 30km - I managed it in less than an hour,…

Not quite right

I seem to be even more tired than usual lately, which I don't think can be solely attributed to lack of sleep. I just feel weak and lethargic, and my stomach hasn't been feeling too good either. I hope it passes soon as I'd like to have some energy back!

I went out on Saturday for Adam's stag do in Rayleigh. The plan was to do a pub crawl from the Weir to the Brush, just like in the old days. I was slightly worried about my staying power - the most I'd had in any one day this year was two or three drinks, but I managed to pace myself reasonably well and got to the end of the night. Sadly they wouldn't let us in the Brush as we were a stag do, they offered to let us in if we surrendered our IDs but some people weren't happy with this so we went elsewhere. I can understand their concerns but they must have been desperate for punters, the place looked really quiet. I haven't been to the Brush since I got thrown out on my 30th birthday for throwing up, and …

RideLondon-Surrey 100

Last Sunday saw me setting my alarm for the ridiculously early time of 3.45am, in order to stuff my face with porridge and get to London in time. It turned out to be unnecessary, as I was up at 3.15am and couldn't get back to sleep! I quietly got everything sorted and left the house at 4.30am, slightly later than anticipated but still plenty of time to get to the car park. Or so I thought...

I had to take a circuitous route to the car park on the Isle of Dogs, as the usual roads would take me across the route for the bike ride, which were closed to traffic. It seemed that practically every single traffic light turned red just as I got to it, meaning it took forever to get to the car park - I think it was around 5.35 when I finally got there. My loading time was 6.06am, so I faced a mad rush to get to the Olympic Park on time - rather than the nice leisurely warm-up ride I'd hoped for, I ended up going quite a bit faster! There were hundreds of other cyclists headed the same wa…

Slightly nervous/excited!

In around eleven hours I'll have just started the RideLondon-Surrey 100!
Still got loads to sort out, and I have to be up before 4 tomorrow morning! Why does my Garmin always decide to play up on the eve of a sportive? It's been a long week, we've all had a nasty stomach bug, possibly norovirus - I held out the longest but still came down with it on Wednesday. Still not 100% but should be ok for tomorrow...

Very tired

I've probably been more tired but it's hard to quantify just how tired I am at present. The heat isn't helping as that has been interrupting the kids' sleeping patterns, and hence ours. We've had two really bad nights in a row and I'm almost at the point of using matches to keep my eyes open. On top of that our internet stopped working this morning, so we had to come to Anna's parents' house so I could work.

We had some rain overnight but it's still really warm and humid, I just wish we could have one massive storm to clear the air and then the sun can come back! We did have two cooler days over the weekend, especially Sunday morning when I went out for my last big ride before the RideLondon-Surrey 100 - I did 50 miles, half of which was going against all of the cyclists doing London-Southend (which I'd forgotten about). When I first got a bike, London-Southend was my main target for this year as I thought doing 50 miles would be a challenge - i…


So after a long winter, summer has finally arrived - and now I'm complaining about the heat rather than the cold! Bedtime has become quite the chore, as Nicky and Kitty get too hot and bothered to sleep and take ages to settle. It's nice to be able to throw the kids out in the garden, but there have been times where it's been too hot for that. From a cycling perspective, it's obviously better to cycle in the sun than rain, but it isn't ideal - I'm hoping it cools down a bit before RideLondon. Speaking of which, I'm starting to get quite excited about it, two and a half weeks to go! I've almost hit my fundraising target too, I'm raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital - here is a link to my JustGiving page for any generous types out there! My start time is 6.42am, I'm aiming to do it in 6 hours - hopefully this will get me to the finish in time to watch the pros go past! Not much else going on at the moment!

Glastonbury 2013

It's been a week and a half since we left Glastonbury, and I'm still exhausted (mostly thanks to Rory waking up every day at 5.30), but the tiredness was worth it. Apart from one afternoon (the Thursday) the whole weekend was dry and sunny.

We arrived at around 12.30am Wednesday morning, and got the caravan and awning set up without too many problems - we were able to just drive straight in and get everything done, unlike last time where we spent ages having to manoeuvre everything into place. We waited until around 10.30am before trying to get in, anticipating a big queue, but we practically walked straight to the gates with no problems!

Glastonbury with kids is a different experience, but still enjoyable, just in a different way - no long drinking sessions (although I'm not really capable of those any more anyway!) The kids enjoyed themselves in both kids fields, Nicky especially enjoyed the helter skelter and seeing Rhyme Rocket. The food as ever was brilliant, La Grand…

Off to Glastonbury tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day, the caravan is mostly packed and ready to go! As with anything involving travelling with kids, it has required military planning to get everything organised but I think most things have been taken care of now. Just the small matter of towing the caravan down to Pilton, setting it up in the middle of the night, brave the queue on Wednesday morning and then celebrate! Mine's a Growler!

Not long to go now

This time next week we'll be in a (hopefully dry) field in Pilton in Somerset having fun! In the meantime we're trying to get as much done as possible so that we're not too stressed in the days before we set off. The leaking water pipes in the caravan have been fixed, but I found out that the battery is flat so I've bought a new one (and charger) so that we have running water and lights. I'll have to go up to the caravan beforehand to check everything works and fix the toilet flush bellows - such fun!

It feels like it's been a long week, and not much has happened (apart from the usual lack of sleep etc.) I had a bit of a knock-back on Sunday which wasn't entirely unexpected, it's still bothering me now but I know it'll get easier with time. Going out for a bike ride yesterday helped take my mind off things a bit - I'm definitely getting fitter as my times are getting quicker, I would have even had a KOM on one segment if I hadn't had to stop…

Caravan holiday in Kent

We took the caravan down to the southern Kent coast this weekend as a test-run for Glastonbury, to see how we'll all fit in and whether there were any problems with the caravan. We did find one unfortunately, a water leak, which looks to be from a loose pipe connector, so I'll have to fix that this weekend, but apart from that it's all OK.

The weekend was dry thankfully, and we had some periods of sunshine, but it was very windy throughout. The kids enjoyed Dymchurch, especially the funfair there, it was the perfect size for them really - not for me though, I hurt my back on the log flume!

We also went on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway to Dungeness. Dungeness is a pretty bleak place, with two lighthouses, a nuclear power plant and not much else! We went up the old lighthouse, Nicky and Kitty both managed to climb up and down all 169 steps! It was very windy at the top.

There was also an open day at Romney station with miniature train rides, traction engines etc. wh…

Too early

I've been up since 4.45am with Rory, who has finally decided two and a half hours later that he is actually tired. The joys of parenthood!

The weekend was ok, nice in parts (we went to a barbecue on Saturday, was great to see people) but also stressful (Nicky was sick whilst out at the park on Sunday, although he seemed fine again about an hour later). Shame it wasn't quite as sunny as we'd expected.

We're going away in the caravan this weekend, as a kind of dry run for Glastonbury. I've been looking at some photos from the last time and remembering the pain from the mud - really hope it's dry this year!

Not much to report

Been a bit quiet over the past week, not much to write about. The weekend was nice, we had three lovely sunny days, although I only managed to get out once on the bike. I managed to get two KOMs on Strava on Saturday's ride, even though I had been trying to win them on different segments! The new bike is definitely helping, although I have been riding for fun rather than training over the past week, I'll have to be a bit more disciplined soon to get ready for the Ride London-Surrey 100.

Four weeks until Glastonbury!

Wiggle Essex Explorer

Last Sunday I did the Wiggle Essex Explorer sportive. Supposedly a 96 mile route, it ended up being around 99 due to some slight diversions, so I cycled slightly further at the end just to make it up to a round 100 and my first century!

It was my first time riding in a group, and the first couple of hours were relatively easy as there was a lot of drafting to be done, so I didn't use up too much energy. However, after the first feed station stop I got a bit isolated, and found myself struggling a little after 4 hours on the bike - however, after the third feed station (at around 5 hours 15) I seemed to perk up a bit and was able to get to the finish in 6 hours 21 minutes - just under the silver standard of 6 hours 25 minutes :-) There's a video of me finishing - I'm the last one through in this clip. Here's a picture of me from about the 90 mile mark.

I'm more confident about finishing the London ride now, although that will obviously be a bit hillier, but presumab…

New bike

My new bike arrived on Tuesday, yay!

I've been out a couple of times on it, it's much quicker to respond when accelerating and more comfortable on the road - it's hard to get a good overall feel without going further but so far I'm happy :-) I've got my 96 mile ride on Sunday which I'm looking forward to - hopefully I'll get a bit more sleep before then!

Yet another cold

The weekend was pretty good - we went to a family party on Saturday which I had been a bit apprehensive about, not really knowing that side of Anna's family that well, but in the end it was quite good, and the kids enjoyed themselves (there was a bouncy castle). Sunday was a bit quieter but at least the weather was still nice so the kids could play out in the garden.

Nicky started coming down with a cold on Sunday, and by Sunday night myself and Kitty had caught it too, so we had an unpleasant couple of days, but we're more or less over it, although Rory has been showing signs of a runny nose. I had to work on Monday which wasn't ideal with my cold (and the glorious bank holiday weather outside) - in all I went six days without going out on my bike, but managed an hour this morning - although I narrowly avoided being swiped off my bike! A woman, who wasn't looking AND was talking on her mobile phone pulled out into the road right in front of me - I had to swerve onto t…


Finally the sun has come out properly and everyone is happier - the kids can play in the garden, and I can go for bike rides without fear of being drenched or frozen!

Not much to report at the moment, I did another 50 mile ride this week but stupidly did some sprint efforts near the start so was struggling a bit towards the end - I'll definitely be taking it easier in the sportive!

Rory is 3 months old now - where did the time go? He's much more smiley these days, and can roll over from front to back already - before we know it he'll be talking away and climbing everywhere!


Typical - the sun finally comes out and after one long ride I managed to get burned! I went out for a lovely long ride on Tuesday, not expecting the sun to be quite so strong, but came back with burns just at the edges of my sleeves and shorts. It's not too bad really, just typical! My ride was quite nice though, I did 50 miles, including some of the route for the sportive I've entered next month. The 50 miles wasn't too bad, but it's still quite a leap to 96 miles - I think I'll be OK though.

What will help (if it arrives on time) is my new bike, which I ordered yesterday - with any luck it'll arrive a week before the sportive, but may well end up arriving after, we'll have to see. The new bike has a carbon frame, better components and a wider range of gears, which will definitely help going up Box Hill and Leith Hill in August! I'm still trying to choose a charity to raise money for, I need to look at the list properly I think.

Rory was weighed today …


Anna and the kids have gone on holiday to Kent this week with Anna's mum - Park Resorts were offering 4 nights for £59 so they've taken advantage. So I've had a little bit of freedom this week - obviously I still have to work, but I've managed a bit more time out on the bike (the weather has mostly been good). I seem to have spent many hours doing washing - we had quite a backlog caused by the bad weather, but it's all cleared now!

Not much else to write about - got to go and finish off all the little jobs before they get back tomorrow!

Still tired

Yes, sleep is still at a premium, but at least next week I'll have a chance to rest, as Anna is going for a break with her mum and the kids, so I'll get at least four decent nights sleep!

Last week was pretty hectic, what with the trip to London on Thursday, as I had to fit five days work into four - in the end I did a bit at the weekend and caught up OK. The trip to London was pretty good, with minimal stress in the end - would have been nicer without the wind and snow but can't complain too much! First of all we went on the cable car, or Emirates Air Line as they want to call it. It was pretty good, the view would have nicer on a clear day but we could still see a lot of London.

We went for lunch in Frankie & Benny's in The O2 which was good. There were lots of people already there for the One Direction gig that night, weirdly (I assume the gigs are seated so what's the point of arriving so early?) After lunch we got the bus to Covent Garden and went to the T…


It's the Easter weekend, but unfortunately I have had to work Friday and today - but it's not been too bad really. Whilst it is still cold, at least the sun has come out, and I've managed a couple of rides - I did some hills today and broke my personal bests for them, the tailwind definitely helped but I think I'm getting a bit better at climbing them!

The kids refused to sleep last night, due to the clocks changing - everything was thrown out, so we let them stay up to watch Madagascar which we'd recorded. They eventually dropped at around 9.45 (BST), but despite staying up late Nicky was still up at 7am BST - I had already been up for an hour with Rory by that point! I suppose at least I'm so tired that I'm used to it!

I've watched quite a few films in the early hours getting up with Rory, and have recorded quite a few films from the Studio Ghibli season that Film 4 have been running. In the last couple of months I have watched District 9 (really good…

Same old

Not much to write about really - still not sleeping much! My shoulder has mysteriously started aching, been like this for a week now, it's annoying more than anything. My bike is currently out of action, awaiting a new cassette - very frustrating as yesterday was actually sunny! Although not cycling yesterday meant I was slightly less knackered for squash and I actually won! The Glastonbury line up was revealed yesterday, not really that excited by much as I know I'll be limited in what I can see. Can't believe Mumford & Sons are headlining the Pyramid! I'd like to see Public Enemy but I think they clash with the Stones. I'd also like to see Smashing Pumpkins and The Hives if possible, but will probably just take it easy - got to really with the kids. Nicky will be happy though as Jake Bugg and Of Monsters and Men are playing!


Feeling quite low today, not sure why. Probably the lack of sleep! Although we had a reasonable night last night, the two older kids slept until 7.30am!Managed a 35 mile bike ride yesterday, I had been hoping to do 65 miles but a combination of tiredness, high winds and rain in my face, and the fact I'd forgotten my base layer all contributing to deciding to stop early! I've now cycled over 2000 miles since I bought my bike, it's taken me just under a year.
Not much else going on really, being parent to a newborn makes life quite dull for a while!

Really bored of snow

The sight of snow makes me grumpy, because I know I won't be able to go out on my bike until it melts - I'm surprised at just how much it affects my mood, I'm obviously used to the endorphins! I did go for a swim today, and I'm obviously getting fitter because I managed 40 lengths (1km) in 26 minutes without taking a break - normally I have to stop for a breather but I felt ok to carry on today. That's the fastest time I've done since university! Thankfully the snow has cleared off the roads so will hopefully be able to go out tomorrow. We're all still exhausted, I'm still up before six, closer to five, most days as Rory insists on waking up at that time. I know it'll eventually get easier though, we've managed it twice before!

Busy busy busy

I don't get much free time at the moment, and what I do get I try and go out cycling, so haven't written here for a while. Everything with Rory is going well, he's already over 11lbs and has nearly reached the 90th centile for weight, even more quickly than Nicky did. Unfortunately he's taken to being a bit grizzly from 3am onwards, and for the past week I've been up around 5am with him so Anna can get some sleep. Whilst this does mean I'm pretty knackered, I've had a chance to catch up with some films which have been on the TiVo for a while - I've watched The A-Team (absolutely perfect for watching when half-asleep) and Four Lions (very funny). However Rory doesn't sleep during this time, so I can't switch the Xbox on as I have to keep hold of him.

I can see much more of myself in Rory than I could with the other two at this stage, sometimes he pulls faces which really remind me of my dad, other times he looks like my mother-in-law. When I get …

Ride 100

So it's been a while since I wrote anything, most of my life at the moment has revolved around Rory and Anna, but there has been some other news - I got a place in the ballot for the Ride London-Surrey 100 mile ride :-) I entered the ballot not really expecting to get a place, so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened the acceptance magazine. Of course, the timing isn't great what with Rory's arrival, but Anna has said I should do it as I'll kick myself if I turn it down, so I've started training a bit more seriously with a view to being able to do 100 miles by August. Of course, it's not just the distance but the hills - the ride goes over Box Hill and Leith Hill, which will be pretty knackering! But it'll be amazing to ride through London from the Olympic Park, and finish on The Mall. I can't wait!

I've not yet thought of a charity to support - I am also planning to do the London-Southend ride which is 52 miles, and supports the British Heart Fo…

Rory Michael Ingram

Rory was born on 1st February at 3.14pm, weighing 8lb 12oz. Rory was born at home as planned - we ended up with three midwives in attendance (one was a student) so Anna and Rory probably got more attention than they would have in hospital! The labour was a bit longer than with the other two, lasting just under 10 hours, but everything went mostly to plan!

Rory looks pretty much the same as the other two did when they were that age - going to make for some confusing baby photos!

As you might imagine, life at the moment is pretty hectic, with Rory up every few hours in the night and Nicky and Kitty starved of attention, poor things. We're slowly getting back to normal though.

Sleep sleep sleep

Like a lot of my blog entries, this one will be about not having enough sleep! I think Nicky is getting a little clingy before child3 arrives, and Kitty is teething, so with all of that our nights have been disturbed for at least the last couple of weeks.

Less than two weeks to go before child3 theoretically makes an appearance, and I can say that so far it is not worrying me, mainly because I haven't had time to stop and really think/worry/panic about it! We have mostly everything we need now, mainly due to stockpiling it from the first two, just some shower curtains and bits needed really. Everything is set for a home birth!

We went to Kiddicare at Lakeside at the weekend to get a new baby car seat (the last one was no longer safe to use) and it was such a hellish experience. The place is so big and so in your face - if you had no experience of babies you could spend an absolute fortune in there because you'd be convinced you needed all of it. There was over an hour queue to…


I don't seem to have stopped this year! Could really do with some extended time off, but it's not going to happen anytime soon, especially not with child3's arrival imminent!

Christmas was good, although a bit manic - I think the kids enjoyed opening their mountains of presents! Anna seemed to like hers too which is good. We all ate far too much but I don't think I've put any weight on - cycling is good for burning calories!

It's hard to think of much to write because it's just been so relentless with work and other things. I have managed a few bike rides this year, I know I should really have started base training rather than chasing segments on Strava but I know I'm not going to get much chance to go out once child3 arrives so seems a bit daft to base train and then have a gap which would leave me where I started anyway. I have four outright KOMs now, plus another where I've equaled the fastest time but I don't get a little crown as I wasn'…